What is music therapy and its healing power

  • Music reduces chronic pain. Everyday listening to music can reduce chronic pain by 21%, say scientists from Ohio. They investigated the effect of music in patients with chronic pain who have enjoyed the sounds of music for an hour every day. Experts claim that the music will completely remove the pain, but it can be a pleasant addition to the treatment prescribed by a doctor.
  • Music helps in practice. It has been proven that people who listen to music practice in people who exercise in silence. Exercise without music is not nearly as interesting as the music that exercise increases your mood and motivate you to make another step forward. With that music has a positive influence on your line.
  • Music reduces stress and anxiety in pregnant women. Good pregnant women to listen to music at least 30 minutes a day because it reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Pregnancy is an ideal time for women to learn lullabuyes songs that will sing to their babies.
  • Music helps people with cancer. Research shows that music therapy helps people who are treated for cancer better cope with symptoms.Music reduces anxiety in people who are treated with radiation, and in patients receiving chemotherapy reduces nausea and vomiting.
  • Music improves concentration. Harmonious sounds of music sharpen the mind and improve concentration. However, relying on the latest scientific findings, experts advised the students to listen to music before, but not during learning in order to remember better.
  • The music still accelerates the recovery of people who suffered from stroke, increases optimism, helps to better sleep and brings people together.Surely you do not need any more convincing.It is time for your favorite song.