Olive Oil Reduces The Risk Of Stroke FeminineX

Olive Oil Reduces The Risk Of Stroke

By on Last modified: February 14, 2014
Bowl of Olive Oil
Bowl of Olive Oil – Image by © J.Garcia/photocuisine/Corbis

Olive oil has a beneficial effect on health. Legends about its medicinal properties are dating back to the earliest history, a scientific confirmations are arriving daily. Thus, British researchers found that people older than 65 years can live longer if they use olive oil.
People who cook with olive oil or use it in salads are 41 percent less likely to develop stroke.Also, with the use of olive oil, mediterranean diet “kept” from heart disease and arthritis. A study revealed that consuming large amounts of animal fat increases the number of strokes and 30 percent of people who suffer a stroke do not live longer than a month.
Olive oil contains omega-6 fatty acids that block inflammation in chronic patients.
These foods help in reducing high blood pressure.

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