12 interesting facts about dreams

7. During pregnancy many women dream

While are pregnant, women dream more than in any other period of life. But not just they dream more, but they more remember their dreams. Experts argue that this happens because of the change in hormone levels. In addition, pregnant women need to sleep more, so it makes sense to dream more.

8.  Sex dreams are equally common in men and women

Although many would argue otherwise, but research shows that men and women alike often have dreams with sexual themes. In one study, 8% of the dreams of adults include sex. However, the content of sexual dreams of men and women is different. For example, current or former partners present in 20% of the dreams of women and 16% of the dreams of men. Women are twice as likely than men have sexual dreams about celebrities, and men more often than women double dream about having sex with more than one partner at once.

9. Both men and women can have orgasm in a dream

Wet dreams are common in teenagers. Orgasm usually happens while teen dream sex, but can not remember the dream. Ejaculation in teenagers can happen without masturbation, even if he has not even touched the penis . Wet dreams can occur during, and after puberty. Although women do not ejaculate, can have orgasm in a dream. Women rarely have wet dreams and often getting up in the moments before experiencing orgasm.

10. People who are born blind have visual dreams

Although not dream images, people who were born blind have dreams that are based on their other senses, dreams filled with sounds, smells and touches. It is with people blinded in early childhood is likely to have visual dreams. People who were blinded later in life, dream visually.

11. Most people dream in color

Only 12% of people have a completely black and white dreams. Interestingly, younger almost never dream of black and white as opposed to the older, and researchers say the reason for that is the modernization of television screens, people who in childhood had a black and white television often have monochrome dreams.

12. The most common emotion in dreams is anxiety

Most people will be surprised that in dreams they will experience more negative than positive emotions. The most common emotion is anxiety, which appears in almost all common dreams, like running away from someone, fall, appearing in public in inappropriate clothes or no clothes, test or examination, etc… Other common emotions are feeling fear, joy and happiness.