12 interesting facts about dreams

1. All people dream

Virtually all dream, even babies, but some people have remembered their dreams, others regularly forget. And animals dream too.

2. Each night we spend about 2 hours in dreaming

The average person dreams over 20-25% of the time when he/she asleep. During an average lifetime, a person spends 6 years dreaming.

3. We dream 4 to 7 different dreams in one night

Most people dream of four to seven dreams every night, but do not remember most of them. At least 95% of dreams are forgotten. Dreams that you remember most are the ones you dreamed before you wake up. It is said that 5 minutes after waking we forget 50% of the content of the dream, and 10 minutes after waking we forget even 90% of what we have dreamed.

4. Most dreams last 5 to 20 minutes

You may also be seem all night dreamed a dream, but the dream probably lasted only ten minutes.

5. Women have more nightmares than men

Till their 13 years boys and girls dream nightmares. After 13-years of age, nightmares become more frequent in women than in men.

6. Having pleasant fragrance around bring beautiful dreams and disgusting smells – bad dreams

The smell in the bedroom affects your dreams. Studies have shown that inhalation of warm aroma (smell the rose) during sleep, resulting in a more positive and sweeter dreams, while inhaling the repulsive odor (smell of rotten eggs) cause more negative dreams.