Eat right for your blood type diet chart (A, AB, B, O)

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Eat right for your blood type

Eat right for your blood type diet chart
Eat right for your blood type diet chart
  1. If a woman is fed by its own blood type, she remains long physicaly young. From food, drinks and supplements take only what is necessary to you. With the help of diet according to blood group the weight is reduced because lectins are avoided, which in turn stimulates increased secretion of insulin in the body. This results in better utilization of glucose and fatty acids and amino acids.
  2. Diets according to blood types give you a presentation about which foods, beverages and dietary supplements are best broken down and adopt in your body. Each blood type has a different metabolism, which needs different vitamins and minerals.
  3. These diets are successful in the fight against cancer. Suitable in combination with homeopathy or herbs because they have lectins that kill cancer cells. They have major benefits for people with the following conditions: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, kidney disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal , colitis etc..
  4. Diets by blood types are based on several food groups: meat, fowl, seafood, dairy products and eggs, oil and fatty foods, nuts, grain plants, bread and pasta, vegetables, fruits, soy, spices etc. . Also, here can be involved various sauces and other liquids, dried spices and teas.
  5. Depending on the action you have in the human body (different for each blood type) these foods are divided into 3 groups:
      • HIGHLY BENEFICIAL (with therapeutic effect)
      • NEUTRAL
      • HARMFUL

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